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DNA Sequencing for Infectious Diseases is transforming our understanding of infectious diseases, disease transmission, and antibiotic resistance. Traditional methods of assessing infectious agents include culture, antibody-based testing, and real-time PCR. These methods are typically useful only for a small and defined number of organisms and data analyses can be subjective. Culture techniques that most physicians and hospitals rely on is over 140 years old. Less than 2% of bacteria can be easily cultivated and at best only pick up less than 50% of the bacteria in sepsis. In contrast, next-generation sequencing (NGS) provides a universal, culture-free method for infectious disease characterization and may be used with viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, and can replace the need for multiple tests. It can be done from any sample type: blood, serum, spinal fluid, sputum, urine, tissue, saliva, wounds and skin. It is theoretically able to detect even small amounts of all bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and soon all viruses. It is the ‘go-to’ test if searching for the ultimate cause of disease. This type of test is the ultimate search engine for determining the cause of chronic infections; wounds, lung disease, chronic urinary tract infections, or other chronic ailments.

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* You may self-order your sequencing test but must provide a contact physician for your results. Your results will be sent to both you and your contact physician. Many times your results are complex and will require interpretation by a knowledgeable provider. The laboratory is not responsible for a clinical interpretation of the results. Insurance may or may not reimburse you for your test. If your physician orders the test there is a much greater likelihood that the test will be reimbursed. Medicare patients must have their physician order the test. Results will be transmitted to your Medicare physician and then to you about 7 working days days later. Medicare patients will be billed directly by the reference lab; there should be no charge to Medicare patients for the service as long as the ABN is appropriately filled out. A HICFA statement will be provided soon after the date of service for your submission to your insurer.

If a reportable disease is detected it will be reported to the appropriate agency.