Chronic Wound Infection Laboratory Services

As a practicing primary care physician, I understand the pain and suffering of those with chronic wounds. I believe that modern molecular methods such as DNA sequencing can improve the lives on many sufferers. One may have a bacterial or fungal infection the more than a century old technique of culture may not be able to detect your infection. You must consider a modern approach to infection diagnostics; let my laboratory services help you! Drop off a sample or request a sample kit today.

Stephen E. Fry, MD


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Kind Words From a Patient

I was suffering from a chronic foot wound that worsened after a small injury. I am diabetic which worsens things but was going to a chronic wound clinic twice a week for almost a year. A sterile swab from the bottom of my foot wound was taken, by sequencing’ a fungus was found, a candida/yeast type of organism. After I was placed on the appropriate antifungal my wound improved dramatically! Thank you Dr. Fry!



* You may self-order your sequencing test but must provide a contact physician for your results. Your results will be sent to both you and your contact physician. Many times your results are complex and will require interpretation by a knowledgeable provider. The laboratory is not responsible for a clinical interpretation of the results. Insurance may or may not reimburse you for your test. If your physician orders the test there is a much greater likelihood that the test will be reimbursed. Medicare patients must have their physician order the test. Results will be transmitted to your Medicare physician and then to you about 7 working days days later. Medicare patients will be billed directly by the reference lab; there should be no charge to Medicare patients for the service as long as the ABN is appropriately filled out. A HICFA statement will be provided soon after the date of service for your submission to your insurer.

If a reportable disease is detected it will be reported to the appropriate agency.