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Dr. Fry has a BS in Microbiology, MS in Molecular Biology and Medical Degree all earned at the University of Arizona.

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One may have a bacterial or fungal infection that more than a century old technique of culture may not be able to detect your infection.You must consider a modern approach to infection diagnostics; let my laboratory services help you! Drop off a sample or request a sample kit today.

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Dr. Fry will perform a medical assessment to determine the best holistic approach to tackling and managing your chronic diseases. Holistic medicine includes conventional medications as well as alternatives remedies that considers the mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

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Stephen E. Fry

Stephen E. Fry

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Who is Dr. Fry?

Dr. Fry has a BS in Microbiology, MS in Molecular Biology and Medical Degree all earned at the University of Arizona. He completed his Post graduate training at Banner Health and St Joseph’s Medical Center in the Phoenix metropolitan area. He has been in General Practice in the Scottsdale, Arizona since 1992 and has had a special clinical interest in CFS, autoimmune and vascular disease.

Selected Publications


Jeremy E. Ellis, Dara Nissan, Matthew Shabilla, Delyn Martinez, Stephen E. Fry. Rapid Infectious Disease Identification by Next Generation DNA Sequencing. American Society of Microbiology Annual Meeting 2015.

Jeremy Ellis, Richard Heuser, Delyn Martinez,  Avory Heningburg, Matthew Shabilla,  Renata Schwartz, Stephen Fry . Evidence of Protozoan Biofilm Communities in Explanted Vascular Filters and Atheroma Debris: A Metagenomic Analysis. American Heart Association, San Francisco 2015.

Jeremy E. Ellis, Dara Nissan, Matthew Shabilla, Delyn Martinez, Stephen E. Fry ‘Metagenomic Analysis of Peripheral Blood in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ International Association for CFS/ME October 2016, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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D. S. Missan, J. E. Ellis, M. Shabilla, D. Martinez, S. E. Fry; Rapid Eukaryotic (Fungi / Protozoa) Identification by Next Generation DNA Sequencing January 2016, ASM Biodefense Conference, Washington, DC,

Non-Peer Review Publications

Fry, S.E., Treating the Infectious Soup of Connective Tissue Disease, The Intercessor, Winter. 2003

Stephen E. Fry, M.S., M.D. Lyme Disease and Detection in 2015, The Townsend Letter, July 2015.

Stephen E. Fry, M.S., M.D. Next generation Sequencing and Infectious Disease.  The Townsend Letter, January 2016.

Stephen E. Fry, M.S., M.D. Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases. The Townsend Letter, January 2017.

“Liquid Biopsy” – What Is It and How Can It Be Applied? The Townsend Letter, June 2018.

Advances in Microbiology and Autoimmune Disease –August 2018, The Road back Foundation


What Clients Have to Say

I was suffering from difficulty urinating and an elevated PSA. A portion of my prostate biopsy was sent to Fry laboratories. Fungal stains and DNA sequencing were positive  for a common soil fungus. Dr. Fry suggested that I change to an ‘anti-fungal diet’ and my Hematologist prescribed a long term anti-fungal. My symptoms are much improved and my PSA is normal.   

My daughter returned from  a vacation in Europe and became ill, she developed fatigue, felt ill and began to have sever palpitations, She was then diagnosed with Ventricular Arrhythmia and Myocarditis. Her heart was failing rapidly. Her cardiologist and Infectious disease specialist specialist said that it was viral A blood test from Fry laboratories showed a difficult to isolate  bacterial organism.. Within two days of the appropriate antibiotic her arrhythmia was nearly gone. Five years later she has no sign of damage ! I am so happy for this technology!

My daughter suffered for her entire life with what was diagnosed as Cystic Fibrosis. She had to take Medications, inhalers, and many frequent clinic visits and hospitalizations. She has never been ‘healthy’. Fry Laboratory diagnosed her with a rare fungus in the lungs that was undetectable by conventional methods. After taking a new pediatric anti-fungal   she is now much better, and healthy. I am so thankful to Dr. Fry.